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Who is MyAdvice?

MyAdvice gives you the tools and guidance you need to attract and retain more clients. Business growth starts right here, right now. With over 20 years of experience, MyAdvice has worked with thousands of professionals across a variety of medical and legal specialties. Our integrated digital marketing software platform is designed to help each of these industries get the most out of their digital marketing efforts.

Why MyAdvice?

The natural question for you to consider before partnering with MyAdvice is “WhyAdvice?”

We continue to earn our clients’ trust by driving revenue and growing their businesses through digital marketing tools and guidance. Here are the top 4 reasons you should trust us with yours…



5x higher client satisfaction than our typical competitor.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a representation of how likely a client is to recommend us to another, ranging from -100 to 100. MyAdvice’s NPS of 65 is considered to be excellent and puts us in close company with well-known consumer brands renowned for their customer care. Regardless of industry, outstanding service is outstanding service. We’re proud to earn such high ratings from your peers.

*Data Source: Qualtrics Research



Your peers are saying amazing things.

“10 out of 5 stars.” They said it.

We just published it. We are proud of and grateful for the privilege to serve the industry’s top leaders.

Explore their success stories to find out how we help them grow and prosper. Take a look at our Google reviews and client testimonials. Then schedule your demo and get ready to enjoy quantifiable, business-changing results!



No smoke. No mirrors. Just results.

You’re the “My” in MyAdvice, and that means this platform belongs to YOU. You’ll see everything that’s going on from Day 1 with full access to analytics in your Performance Center, pulling in data from third-party sources such as Google, Facebook, and more. Whether it’s website traffic, social media metrics, or review campaign progress, you’ll have the data you need to constantly improve results. Quantifiable, business-changing results.



Your peers are saying amazing things.

All the guidance you’ll need.

We covered the “My”—now, the “Advice.” We’re leading the way on benchmarking industry marketing metrics for you and your competitors and mythbusting common misconceptions about what strategies work. We’ll always be proactively reaching out to deliver and help you make the most of these insights. 20+ years of revenue-generating marketing experience is in your corner. You won’t even have to ask.

Schedule your consultation to learn more about the Pyramid of Success and why MyAdvice is the only partner to guide you to your digital marketing and business growth goals.

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